Oneida Nation Promoting Food Sovereignty Among Indigenous Communities

The Oneida Nation is developing a model of programming that promotes traditional food ways, agriculture, and cultural identity among Indigenous communities as a comprehensive approach to reducing health disparities and improving health and health care. Through this initiative, using a grant from the Wisconsin Partnership Program, the Oneida Nation is demonstrating how traditional food ways connect community members to their land, history, and culture, and serve as an important part of health care.

Aaron Bird Bear, set to retire, changed the way we understand campus

For over 20 years, Aaron Bird Bear has worked to improve the campus climate for Native students and to reshape UW–Madison’s relationship with the Indigenous heritage of its campus — land inhabited for 12,000 years and which the Ho-Chunk people call Teejop — and the tribal nations of Wisconsin. He plans to retire Jan. 1, 2023.

Repatriating the Ancestors

As covered in the Fall 2022 Letters & Science magazine, UW–Madison Department of Anthropology faculty are working with tribes to return the remains of ancestors and sacred objects.

Reimagining Native Representation at UW

In honor of Native American Heritage Month, UW-Madison’s Director of Tribal Relations, Aaron Bird Bear joins the L&S Elevate podcast with host DeVon Wilson, getting candid about reimagining Native representation at UW. In a compelling conversation about land acknowledgements and advancing the university’s reconciliation with its occupation of Ho-Chunk land, learn how Aaron has been instrumental in centering indigenous people and culture at UW.

Celebrate American Indian Studies’ 50th anniversary

Join American Indian Studies on Indigenous Peoples’ Day to celebrate its 50-year anniversary! Learn from key leaders in the program’s history, such as Emerita Faculty Ada Deer, about the creation of the program, the role of student activism, and the significance of the program to diversity and inclusion at the university.